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I create hand-drawn illustrations especially for children, but also for adults, individually customized to your project. The output is vector PDF files, which can be further efficiently edited and composited into a prepared graphic layout.

Graphic design

I can provide the entire graphic layout based on my illustrations. I can prepare a complete graphic composition of a book or a page for a magazine. I often use a handwritten font that I have created myself, which fits perfectly with my illustrations.

Script and texts

I draw my illustrations either on the basis of a given script, or I can be the author of the story and texts at the same time. My domain is comics, detective tales with logic puzzles and riddles, or I can handle any other specific theme. I always add a sprinkle of humor to the stories and illustrations to entertain both young and adult readers.


I work with both classical stop-motion and computer 2D animation techniques. I offer the creation of short animated videos, commercial spots or jingles. Due to the high difficulty and time issues of such a project, the production of animations is very individual. Please do not hesitate to contact me with your demand.

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step by step
to your goal


Do you want me to create illustrations for your project?

Whether you’re a publisher or an individual, If you like my style, please send me an offer and information about the upcoming project.


How we will communicate during the process?

I live in the Czech Republic in Litomyšl, our cooperation will take place remotely and will be arranged via e-mail or chat. If necessary, we can also make a video call. If you are from the Czech Republic, a personal meeting is also possible.


We arrange cooperation. What’s next?

I will prepare the first art designs based on the input from you. Please try to specify as much as possible how you imagine the illustrations and what they are supposed to represent. If you have no idea, leave it to me.


What will be the result of our partnership?

Together we will finalize the illustrations. I will submit the completed illustrations according to the specifications in a vector PDF format ready for printing. I will provide an invoice for my work.

BcA. Libor Drobný, Dis.

Born in 1984. He has loved drawing since childhood and has focused on visual arts all his life.
He studied at the Film School in Zlín, specializing in animated film. He obtained the title of Diploma Specialist there. After that he studied at Tomas Bata University, Faculty of Multimedia Communications, department of Multimedia and Design. Here he achieved the degree of Bachelor of Arts.

He has been working as a freelance illustrator for Czech and international publishers since 2009. He has more than 200 books and publications to his credit, mainly for children. He draws and writes regularly for several children’s magazines. He is also often author of texts and scripts for his comics and books. His main strengths are humour, puns, puzzles, detective plots and well-developed stories.

He has got two sons and lives with his family in Litomyšl, Czech Republic.

Contact me

Name: BcA. Libor Drobný
Place of business:
Bohdana Kopeckého 402
570 01 Litomyšl, Czech Republic

IČO: 74977229
Registered with the trade license office in Litomyšl.

Phone: +420 605 949 168

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